Every year, tens of thousands of bicyclists get hurt in the state of California. And while you are one of the lucky ones who avoided a fatal accident, you may be left with temporary or permanent injuries. Even if you exercised caution, a bicycle accident could lead to consequences such as:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage

And in some cases, even paralysis.

Bicycle accidents in California are often caused by drivers who don’t pay attention to the special space reserved for bicyclists, so even if you’ve followed all the rules and laws, you could become an unwilling victim. And as such, you have the right to compensation. Taking the party responsible for your injuries to court can be an exhausting process, which is why you can hire a bicycle accident lawyer in California.

What Can a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Help You With?

Our attorneys can help you get reimbursement for your medical bills and the injuries you’ve suffered.

EFS Law Center’s expert bicycle accident attorneys can also reduce the frustration you’re feeling by helping you with processes such as:

1. Preparing and filing paperwork before the deadline


Everyone who was involved in a bicycle accident in California should file a lawsuit within the statutory period of two yearsIf you don’t file the paperwork in time, your lawsuit could be barred. There are exceptions in case you’ve suffered damage that prevented you from filing the claim in time (for example, injuries as a result of the accident) or if you were a minor at the time. You can consult our expert Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to clarify all the limitations applicable in your case.

2. Gathering evidence you’ll need in court


In order to file a damages claim, you’ll need evidence to support you. Namely, medical bills, police reports, witness statements, and bicycle accident scene photos. These materials will prove who was at fault and who has suffered the most damage. Even if you and the other party were both at fault, you can still file a lawsuit if you sustained more injuries. 

3. Negotiating a settlement

It’s a common misconception that you have to go to court in case of a bicycle accident. With an expert attorney, you can quickly reach a settlement with the insurance company and the person who was responsible for your injuries. This way, you’ll be saving plenty of your time and money that’s better spent on recovering.

4. Representing you in court


If your case goes to trial, our attorneys will be there to support you and make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Who Is at Fault in a Bicycle Accident in California?

In California, the party at fault is the negligent one. This is why you will need to provide proof of negligence or carelessness when filing a claim. When doing so, it’s important that you keep the pertinent bicycle laws in California in mind. This way, you will avoid any misunderstandings about who was at fault. It’s another thing that our bicycle accident attorneys can help you with.

If you broke some of the following bicycle requirement laws (as described in California Vehicle Code) prior to being in an accident, you could experience difficulties during the process:

  • Your brakes were faulty before the accident
  • Your bicycle wasn’t appropriately sized
  • You weren’t using a lamp and pedal and rear reflectors during the nighttime

However, even if your bicycle was malfunctioning, our attorneys can still help you get proper compensation for your injuries.

Comparative Fault in California

If you and the other party both failed to act or expressed negligent behavior, that doesn’t mean you won’t be compensated. Unlike many states, California uses the pure comparative negligence model to determine which party is more at fault, and who has sustained more damage.

If your rear reflector wasn’t working but the other party in your bicycle accident didn’t brake even after clearly seeing you, the odds could still be in your favor. Especially if you’re the one with injuries.

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