Have You Recently Slipped On Somebody Else’s Property? You need a Slip and Fall Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Just Compensation.

It’s all too common to experience a traumatic slip and fall in any of the following environments:

·        Recreational facilities

·        Restaurants

·        Stores

·        Residential homes

·        Parking lots

·        Public institutions (e.g., schools, hospitals)

Your injuries might result in anything from a day or two of missed work and lost wages to lifelong disability and the medical bills that come with it.

Either way, the physical, emotional, and financial pain these falls cause requires more than the minuscule settlement that insurance companies want to pay.

However, overcoming the tactics of insurance companies can’t be done on your own. There’s too much legal red tape – of which insurance companies leverage. They’ll do everything in their power to ensure you receive as meager a compensation as possible.

How can you receive the compensation you need and deserve?

Once you’ve slipped and fell, you need legal representation from an accident attorney with a proven track record in these kinds of cases. 

You owe it to yourself to find someone with a reputation for battling tooth-and-nail with insurance companies and who knows how to neutralize their strategies.

Unfortunately, without savvy legal experts on your service, the chances of receiving compensation decrease drastically.

How long after your accident should you contact an attorney?

Insurance companies are synonymous with strongarm methods that only serve their bottom line. Like predators, they’ll approach victims when they’re wounded and most vulnerable to accept a small settlement. In these instances, the dollar amount won’t even cover a fraction of medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Therefore, under no circumstances, should you ever settle with an insurance company before talking to an accident attorney. No matter what, contact a lawyer in the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall accident.

Which lawyer should you talk to after your slip and fall accident?

If you want an attorney whose sole purpose revolves around bringing you justice and peace of mind, turn to EFS Law Center after your slip and fall accident.

We take pride in representing people who’ve experienced a life-altering slip and fall. Furthermore, we take joy in helping our clients gain physical, financial, and emotional stability.

At EFS, with our unrivaled experience and unparalleled dedication, we’ve successfully negotiated compensation for an impressive resume of clients.

As such, we’re more than happy to help you with your slip and fall injury case. Our history of excellence leaves opposing insurance company quaking in their boots. They know that we’re the accident attorney who’ll win you the compensation you deserve.

Why else should you choose to work with EFS?

You are our #1 priority

At EFS, you aren’t just ‘another’ case. We treat you like our one and only client and act with the utmost thoroughness and precision throughout the entire process. Most importantly, you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

Consultations are 100% free

You need to be comfortable with your accident attorney. Therefore, we won’t charge you for a case evaluation. After all, we want you to make the decision that best suits your needs.

Dependable and thoughtful: 

We’re fully empathetic to your vulnerability and the challenges you’re facing after your slip and fall accident.

With EFS at your side, you won’t feel isolated in your time of need. Instead, we’re with you from pre-litigation to trial work.


You don’t pay until we win

It’s our policy not to charge you until we’ve settled on your behalf for compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do slip and fall accidents most frequently occur?

A: Slips and falls can happen anywhere, whether it’s at the grocery store, on a sidewalk, in your best friend’s living room, or any other place in the world.

Just remember, no matter the location, owners must maintain their property’s safety all the time. So, don’t confuse yourself into thinking you’re at fault for your slip and fall.

Q: What usually leads to slip and fall accidents:


·        Imperfections in the pavement

·        Slippery and unmaintained snow and ice

·        Damaged carpeting

·        Poor lighting

·        Faulty handrails

·        Unseen holes and divots in the ground

·        Errant food and drinks

·        Stray electrical cords and wires 

Q: What should I do right after my accident?

A: The first thing to do after your slip and fall is you should receive medical attention to prevent any issues from getting worse.

Then, file a report with the manager, landlord, or owner of the property and request for a written copy.

From there, document everything, from names of witnesses, dates, times, all the way to what you wore that day.

Also, don’t make statements to anyone – namely the insurance company – until you speak with an attorney.

Q: How much are slip and fall cases usually worth? 

A: There isn’t one finite answer to this question. The dollar value of any given compensation comes down to medical bills, lost wages, psychological damages, and a litany of other factors.

Generally, however, the more impact an injury has on your ability to make a living, the higher the compensation.

Q: How am I supposed to sue my friends and family members if I’ve fallen in their home? 

A: If you’ve slipped and fallen in a family member’s home and it’s caused you adverse damage, you’re in an undeniably tight spot.

Still, you need compensation for lost wages and medical bills. As such, it’s critical to remind yourself that you’re not suing the property owner in question. Instead, you’re suing their insurance company.

Every homeowner needs insurance to protect them from these kinds of circumstances. Your friend or loved one won’t pay out of pocket for your various expenses.

Q: How often does EFS win their cases?

A: At EFS, our 98% win-rate is second-to-none.

Hire EFS Law Center After Your Slip and Fall Accident and Receive the Compensation You Deserve

Get in touch with an accident attorney immediately after your slip and fall, or else the insurance company will strike when you’re at your most vulnerable. They’ll do everything in your power to prevent you from receiving fair compensation. There’s too much at stake to not contact a lawyer once you’ve been injured.

At EFS Law Center, consultations are free, and you won’t pay until we win your case. So, contact us today, and take your first step towards peace of mind after your accident.

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